Welcome to SWWMINC.

We are the creative force at the front of our manufacturing operation. We design and manufacture everything we sell, which has been the driving factor in maintaining consistent, high quality throughout all our lines of swimwear. To keep as much of the work in-house and under one roof was our goal from the start and it worked. This has given us the freedom to dream, explore and create with no boundaries, while remaining sincere and honest and with a never-ending passion for what we do.

While adding retail lines, we quickly discovered that “Theme Based” swimwear lines were the key to creating the best possible designs and in maintaining strong brand loyalty. With this approach, we can focus on a line of swimwear and remain consistent in design and throughout the entire line. This also allows us to please all the people, all the time, just not through one, giant, online swimwear store, but through many, design specific, online stores, where theme and design never stray.

True and strong themes instantly lend themselves favorably to collaboration, cross-promotion and affiliation and was what inspired us to assemble SWWM PARTNERS and SWWM GIRLS, which we believe, each being an extremely, effective means to, reinforce current efforts, open new doors and facilitate new business and awareness of those who collaborate with us.

Take a few minutes, read through the few public pages here and you will quickly find SWWMINC to be a unique company. One that combines 15 years of experience, often excelling, in nearly every aspect of the swimwear industry, yet still acknowledge and humbled by those who helped us get here.
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