Now in our 15th year of manufacturing swimwear for others, we have decided to create something of our own, SWWMINC.

We have decided to take what we’ve learned over the years and challenge ourselves and truly see what our highly skilled and creative staff can create.

This will be done through `multiple SWWMINC designed and THEME Specific swimwear lines. 

SWWMINC along with its production facility is highly structured and organized and consists of a close-knit group of accomplished professionals in the design, assembly and presentation of multiple Theme Specific SwimWear Lines. 

With no obstacles, we can design, pattern and sample any type of swimwear, unrestricted from both mild to wild designs. We have manufactured for over 200 Designers and oversee many clients with their production needs.

Within our facility we own and use only the latest, top grade Heat Press, Silk Screen and Embroidery machines. This means each project we do will consistently receive beautifully done, print on fabric, of logos or designs, vibrant hang-tags and subtle to, remarkable packaging.    

SWWMINC creates “Theme Based” swimwear lines, meaning, each line we design and make available will be based solely on a specific theme and will not stray from it. We’ve adopted this, sometimes challenging approach, for our customers to have complete swimwear lines of what they like, what they want to project about themselves.

Making swimwear this way, allows us to go deep in to and endless variety of design elements, which means; we can design swimwear that is cute and wearable anywhere. Always attractive with the right fit to designs that can come close but, not quite considered pornographic and everything in between.

Our customers take precedence over everything we do. Our goal is to make purchasing our swimwear a special, visual event, far more effortless in choosing the suits you like and an overall, a much more enjoyable shopping experience.

WATERWEAR.BIZ will be our first swimwear line we will launch. The theme bing Water we, promise to take you on a visual adventure to the most amazing places with water, locations so remote, few of us even new existing.

These amazing locations will be where we feature our swimwear. We promise you will be amazed!

• We want to grab your attention!

• We want you to be excited about a purchase and the anticipation of receiving it.

• We want to create the type of anticipation that gets you excited and makes you want to tell others about us.

• We want you to be excited about each new swimwear line we will launch.

This is our passion and what drives our creativity when designing each new design of each new swimwear line. With four additional, entirely, uniquely themed lines to follow throughout the year.